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To submit articles please follow the style sheet guidelines and below is the form to submit your article

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    Style Sheet for authors

    1. Articles and book reviews should be submitted in a single Word file via email to the following address:
    1. Contributions may be written in Spanish, French or English
    1. The text should be submitted in 1.5 line spacing and used a 12-point Times New Roman font for the main text and 10 for footnotes.
    1. Articles length should be between 5000 and 8000 words, including references and footnotes.
    1. Article titles should be centred and written in capital letters using a 14-point Times New Roman font. An unnumbered note at the end of the title can be used for author’s acknowledgments and general information about the article. In this case, the asterisk should be used as a symbol (*).
    1. Author’s names should be centred and written under the title. The institutional affiliation should be written under the author’s name.
    1. In a separate sheet at the beginning of the article, 2 abstracts should be included, one in Spanish and the other in English, and their length must be between 75 and 100 words. The abstracts should be headed with the title RESUMEN / ABSTRACT (bold and capital letters). Just before each abstract, between 5 and 8 keywords must be appended also in bold letters.
    1. Text structure must follow a numbering in Arabic characters followed by a period and space (1. Introduction; 2.; 2.1; 2.2; 3. etc.). Unnumbered subtitles should be marked into bulletins (•), aligned to the left and presented in italics.
    1. Examples should be numbered in Arabic characters written in brackets (1).
    1. Book review length should be between 2000 y 3000 words. The author’s name must be indicated at the end of each review, and academic affiliation must be written under the name. Submissions on books whose publication date does exceed five years old will not be accepted.
    1. Book reviews must have the complete reference of the book placed as a headed, following the next order: Author. Title. Editor, coordinator or translator’s name. Edition. City: Publisher, year. Total pages (Hernández, Esther. Lexicografía hispano-amerindia  1550-1800. Catálogo descriptivo de los vocabularios del español y las lenguas indígenas americanas. Madrid/Frankfurt am Main: Iberoamericana/Vervuert. 240 pp.).
    1. There will be only footnotes (endnotes are not allowed) to provide explanation or elaboration of the text and to cite additional sources. Notes should be placed before punctuation marks unless it’s a reference made using quotation marks. In that case, they must be placed after.
    1. All quotations and references should follow the MLA style ( 
    1. At the end of the evaluation process, authors will be asked to submit figures and tables files that the document may have.